Recover with everyday

Is life meant to be lived without us having time to enjoy the journey?


The challenges of working life have increased, as has the comparison, and through it more and more people are experiencing inadequacies. It’s hard to determine for yourself what’s good enough, where your boundaries go, and when it’s good to say no.

Inadequacy can be experienced in many ways as a parent, friend, partner, or in any aspect of life. Conscientious and perfectionist people often stretch more than would be necessary. When attention is paid to the rest of oneself, things that affect well-being are left on our feet. We cut down on night sleep, exercise, restorative exercise, and healthy eating. We look forward to a vacation or weekend as long as we survive there. For others, there may be enough recovery over the weekend and the batteries can be charged in a short time. For others, even a month of summer vacation may not be enough to recover.

The right dose of stress inspires and strengthens, too much consumes and exhausts. Exercise is one of the most effective ways to recover from everyday challenges.

If the body does not want to calm down in favor, the stress situation should be relieved by either relaxing or “sweating”. Indeed, exercise is often a much easier and simpler way to relieve stress while building stronger stress tolerance and recovery. Exercise and physical activity are thus the best medicine for the body and mind when the dosage is right. However, stress should not be accumulated on top of stress. When you are mentally stressed or physically underdeveloped, the goal of exercise should be to revitalize and restore resources. Again, when you feel energetic, vibrant, and recovered, you can train your resource reserves more effectively, that is, to increase your physical and mental capacity. Would it be time to focus on your own well-being ??