JOIning us is easy!


We want to make getting started as easy as possible for you so we offer all our clients a training program as well as equipment guidance free of charge. That way, you won’t have time to spin in the gym, but you’ll immediately catch up on your workout and do it efficiently and certainly right! You can get device guidance and a training program by downloading the Power Gym mobile app to your phone from the Google Play Store or the App Store. Walking into the gym is done using the Power Gym mobile app (as of 7.1).

You will receive user guidance automatically and the Personal Trainer will contact you to agree on a Device Guide and training program.

You can also get a video bypass from your desired device through our mobile app by scanning the QR code on the product card of the hall device, the video will guide you to the right trajectories and the correct use of the device. Easy! Good workouts!

Remember that you can also pay with sports money with us!

Instructions for paying with sports money We have Smartum, E-passport, Edenred, Eazybreak, Tyky and Virike. The use of e-sports products is conveniently possible in the online service. You choose the place of use Power Gym and you enter the amount you want with us. You will receive a confirmation email via email once the transaction has been processed by us. The processing time is a maximum of 1-2 weeks We will use the sports money to pay future bills. If you have open bills, they will be paid normally. You can charge a larger amount at once and you will not receive an invoice until the full amount has been used. From the Power Gym mobile app, you can check how long your membership has been paid